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  • Taiwan not aligned with China over Diaoyutai islands: MOFA

    Taipei, March 7 (CNA) Taiwan will not align itself with China over the Diaoyutai Islands and will handle the matter based on national interests, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Wednesday.

    Japan and China's recent decisions to release their own names for some of the islands will not help solve the territorial dispute, Foreign Minister Timothy Yang said at a legislative session earlier in the day.

    Yang made the remark in response to opposition Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Hsiao Bi-khim's comment that Taiwan had failed to lodge a protest with China over its naming of several uninhabited islands of Tiaoyutai on March 3.

    China's move came after Japan announced in January its plan to name 39 uninhabited islands within its exclusive economic zone, including four that are part of the Diaoyutai Island chain.

    The website of Japan's Cabinet Secretariat showed in March it had officially named the islands.

    The Diaoyutai Islands, known as the Diaoyutai Islands in China and the Senkaku Islands in Japan, lie about 100 nautical miles northeast of Taiwan's northeastern tip. The island chain is controlled by Japan, but is also claimed by Taiwan and China.

    Taiwan's representative to Japan Feng Chi-tai immediately filed a protest after Japan's announcement and reaffirmed the Republic of China's stance on sovereignty over the Tiaoyutai Islands.

    According to the Ministry of the Interior, historical literature shows that the Diaoyutai Islands are part of the territory of the Republic of China, and there was no need for Taiwan to name the islets around Tiaoyutai.

    (By Emmanuelle Tzeng and Ann Chen)